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  1. Hello everyone I believe what I'm looking for is CMS, but I'm not totally sure. I run a large organization's on demand channel of fitness videos which we host on Vimeo behind a subscription paywall. BEFORE it gets to the platform. The site is great. We've got lots of videos to go live on a dock, and I'm ready to upload 6 months in advance, and keep it all in a simple spreadsheet, which is just how many videos we've had. In this spreadsheet I write copy for each class, titles, categorize them, name the teacher, set the launch date, etc. None of this connects to Vimeo, I have to upload this video to go live , I am finding that the more content we have, the more I'm losing track of duplicate names, duplicate descriptions, basic human error things. Have I already named a "Plyometrics for Beginners" ?? How many classes have I categorized as "Booty Burn" when I asked for this info by my boss ?? It's getting harder to track these things. Essentially I feel I'm using an overly basic management system - I need something smarter that can scale up without risking more human error. Does anyone have any suggestions or can you point me to the right direction research-wise? I have done extensive research and have not found anything that fits my needs. Sidenote - Vimeo does not have this sort of planning capacity, it just hosts our live video and is not ready to help me plan future content.