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Should I create a new CMS from Scratch or use one for this case?

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CMSs like DNN, Joomla or even say TikiWiki? Sarkari Result Pnr Status Showbox

WikiMedia commands used in the text for styling and linking pages, still we need to define our own commands purpose from that in say usual wiki.

Is it a realistic scenario to modify CMS or Wiki to do that? or it will be better to write your own CMS from scratch, instead of spending time digging into those frameworks API and files?


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Vor 6 Stunden, stevenshaw said:

Is it a realistic scenario to modify CMS or Wiki to do that? or it will be better\more efficient to write our own CMS from scratch, instead of spending time in digging inside those frameworks API and files ?

It is not realistic to search in unknown code and not to oversee something. Writing a CMS from scratch would cost you about 6 to 8 month depending on how large the developer team is and how proficient those guys/gals are. Explain how hard sure it will be very hard, both ways. Just purse the DB. I don't get that kind of paranoia actually why that kind of effort? Nothing else to worry about? Once you sell a software you loose all right to it.    

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In a web app, on the server side, we have 2 ends:

*a* one end is the http requests going from client (browser) to the server

*b* then we have some more or less chaotic undocumented data processing

*c* then theother end is mySQL.

If you can do your calculations on one of the ends, then it is realistic. It means you do not try to understand the given source, you just insert your module right at the place your server gets the data posted by the client. So try to stay at *a* or *c*, never at *b* where you likely have to understand the whole source. If your CMS is using a lot of javascript, then things are getting more complex.

To develop your own CMS can take anything between 1 weekend and a project failure after 2 years; it really depends on your needs. I am often using a CMS based on MS Excel; I use it for a website which does not contain any fancy gimmick (as usually found in wordpress sites).


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